Thrive Themes Review 2021

Thrive Themes Review:

Here are some most important features we have tried to cover in this review of Thrive Themes. Thrive Themes templates isn’t just one theme development framework (as a newbie might think of!), it is a whole suite of WordPress tools that are designed to Improve conversions and get more sales through your websites. Make your website faster by providing most commonly used features integrated within the themes thereby reducing the dependency on external plugins. Apply common sense to WordPress website development.

Path-breaking! Revolutionary! Radical! Those are some of the words we can use to describe Thrive Themes. When we started writing this article, we weren’t prepared to be amazed by Thrive the way we were. So as you proceed to read our latest installment of Thrive Themes review, be prepared to have your mind blown!

What is so special about Thrive Themes?

The makers of Thrive Themes market them as “Conversion Optimized Themes”. Their specialty is features built inside the themes that would require you to purchase extra plugins on other WordPress themes. Thrive enables you to minimize your plugins list to absolutely essential ones, and this ultimately leads to faster, snappier website. With ordinary WordPress themes, every time you need an additional functionality, you will search for a new plugin or maybe even dabble with some code if you’re feeling adventurous. Sometimes the choice of a plugin is very obvious – a single most popular plugin with no rival plugin does the job. But when there are so many options, each one giving you the same advantage, it’s easy to get confused. Then comes another long process of going through reviews and asking friends which plugin is better than the others. Finding the right plugin not only takes my time but it is also a frustrating process. Add to that a very painful realization – more plugins add more code to the backend, higher number of HTTP requests and database queries. While they all provide more functionality, the trade-off is a dramatically slower and possibly less secure, more attack-prone website.

Understanding Thrive Themes

Don’t you wish there was an easier, and perhaps a safer way to add more functionality to your theme without compromising on load times?

How can Thrive Themes help you?

Every blog needs to show related posts, every website needs social sharing buttons – these are literally like oxygen for your blog! But these extra plugins are just like “bloatware” that comes pre-installed with smartphones – they make your phone slow, you don’t like them, and you can’t uninstall them either because you don’t have a choice! Why can’t they build basic functionalities like related posts within themes? Well, it turns out Thrive Themes does just that… and a whole lot more!

Let’s get down and dirty with Thrive Themes!

You don’t have to download plugins for every little task and then spend another $20-$30 every quarter trying to make sure they don’t slow down your website.

Thrive Themes are UNLIKE any other average, bloated WordPress theme. These are better – way better. How? Well, for starters with Thrive Themes, you won’t need plugins for very basic purposes like Image Compression, Related Posts, or even Social Sharing buttons – all these are integrated DIRECTLY in your theme.

Want more? Each of these controls gets automatically styled according to your chosen image – they won’t stand out like a sore thumb and this happens without having to touch any code whatsoever!

Even if you ignore every other feature of Thrive Themes landing pages, just these 3 features alone can help bring a clearly noticeable reduction in your loading times.

Thrive Themes are all about conversions. Yes!

Thrive Membership

Access To All Themes (You get full access to all of the themes, as well as all new themes created while you are a member)

Access To All Plugins (You get full access to all of the themes in our gallery, as well as all new themes created while you are a member)

Theme Updates

Premium Support

25 Website Usage

Risk-Free Guarantee

PAID ANNUALLY - Use all of our plugins & themes on 25 of your own websites.

Agency Membership

Access To All Themes (You get full access to all of the themes in our gallery, as well as all new themes created while you are a member)

Access To All Plugins (You get full access to all of the themes in our gallery, as well as all new themes created while you are a member)

Theme Updates

Premium Support

Unlimited Website Usage

Risk-Free Guarantee

PAID ANNUALLY - Use all of our plugins & themes on 50 of your own websites and client’s websites.

This is just not a set of thrive themes download. It is a whole ecosystem of Themes and Plugins designed by people with extraordinary design skills and an almost obsessive passion for conversion rate optimization.

A single Thrive Themes Membership gives you:

10 Thrive Themes – Use fascinating themes created for the sole purpose of driving your conversion rates to new heights. You can also check thrive themes examples or thrive themes demo from their official site.

Thrive Leads – Collect leads like a pro with highly targeted opt- in forms and precise analytics reports.

Thrive Architect (Previously knowns as Thrive Content Builder) – create and preview awe-inspiring design within minutes and without any knowledge of coding.

Thrive Headline Optimizer – Set and forget A/B tests for your headline variations, gain insights to make rational, informed decisions about your headlines.

Thrive Ultimatum – Use scarcity marketing to invoke a sense of urgency on your sales pages by showing them ticking countdowns that they cannot cheat.

Thrive Ovation – Collect and build your testimonials using questions that make your customers want to share their journey. Manage all your testimonials at a single place like a pro.

Thrive Quiz Builder – Create and preview complex yet gorgeous-looking quizzes that dazzle your audiences and compel them to share the results.

As mentioned earlier, with Thrive Themes Membership, you not only get the themes but a whole suite of WordPress products all for just $19 / month.

Easily Create Conversion Focused Pages With Thrive

Thrive Themes WordPress provides different products for optimizing your conversions and increase your customers, clients, and sales. You can use targeted ad marketing techniques used by giants like Google and Facebook and combine them with sophisticated focus areas to skyrocket your sales.

.. And a lot of whole lot of amazing features – integrated within the theme itself!

So let’s talk about their products and features one-by-one.

Built-in Image Optimization
Thrive Themes use image optimization framework. Kraken is known to be the best image optimization option on the internet. Their lossless image compression provides compression rates of upwards of 20% (in most cases). Even their lossy compression (which by definition should give us certain distortion), shows very little difference as compared to original images.

Also, Kraken is a paid service. But Thrive Themes customers don’t need to pay for Kraken! Thrive provides you state-of-the-art image compression technology of Kraken without any extra cost.

Once you enable the image optimization, the Thrive framework sends every newly uploaded image to image optimizer (which uses and then brings back the crunched image to your site.

While this means an additional 2 seconds in processing the image, to minimize this delay, you can add all images at once into your library and then add them to your blog posts all at once.

Lazy Loading of Comments

Perhaps the most innovative feature of Thrive Themes is lazily loaded comments. This means additional comments won’t be loaded until a user scrolls down and actually wants to read more comments. Isn’t that cool?

Thrive Themes Are Built For Speed

All Thrive Themes are Superfast. With Thrive Themes, you don’t need to compress or resize your images as it comes with built-in image optimization tool that compresses your images automatically. And it’s also coded in a manner that makes it the fastest and the best SEO optimized theme available in the market.

Integrated Social Media Buttons – no extra plugin needed!

Some other popular social sharing plugins place the buttons in a way that they actually block some of your website’s content!

Thrive Themes provide you with cleanly placed social sharing buttons that are displayed outside your content area and are included as a part of the theme – without having to install any additional plugin.

Using Thrive Social Sharing buttons, you get several advantages:

1. Thrive Social Sharing buttons are up to 10 times faster than native social sharing buttons of the 4 most popular social networking sites – Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google+. In this official image, (taken from Thrive Themes demo video), you can see a minimal page that loads in 0.90s without any plugins. It takes 2.67s with native buttons of these 4 sites
With Thrive themes review the whole page takes only 1.13s to load. The reason is that Thrive Social Sharing buttons simply link you to the sharing window, without loading any extra scripts.

2. Buttons are designed to adapt to suit the color and appearance of your theme. They won’t have a single, boring look across all Thrive Themes.

3. On mobile, these buttons are displayed only after the user reaches the bottom of the post. Even on Desktop, these buttons are not displayed until the user starts scrolling – thereby giving them more focus.

Need More Conversion Focused Sites and Landing Pages?

With all the Products of Thrive Themes, you drive more conversions without any increase in Traffic.

1. Thrive Themes, Landing Pages, Thrive Architect
With ready-made landing pages, you can get publish your website within matter of minutes.

2. Thrive Leads
Creating beautiful Opt-in Forms is now easier with Thrive Leads.

3. Headline Optimizer and much more
With Thrive Headline Optimizer, you can produce the most engaging content.

Most WordPress themes have limited customization options hidden deep inside the theme code. If you don’t know any coding, then you’ll definitely need a customization expert to help with even the most basic of tasks.

One would prefer to (as they should) focus on building the blog rather than handling smaller things. Unless you have exorbitant budgets, it simply doesn’t make sense to spend extra money (or time) on basic customization tasks – after already spending on plugins and themes.

The theme customization options in Thrive Themes are much more granular as well as easy to access. The biggest advantage with Thrive Themes is because of such granular levels of customization, you save time on administrative tasks and are free to think about growing your blog by applying various growth hacking strategies. For more information please check thrive themes tutorials.

Related Posts – outside and inside!

It is a well-known fact that showing related posts keep your visitor engaged and your bounce rates low.

With Thrive Themes, you can provide a “Related Posts” section at the end of each post without using a plugin.

Other related post plugins run through ALL of your posts every time a VISITOR sees it. But to figure out relations between posts as accurately as possibly, there’s no other way – the related post algorithm is almost a “necessary evil”.

Thrives Themes provide you with Two options to:

1. Simple Related Posts Feature: it simply lists down recently published posts in the same category, which is enough for most people.

2. Advanced Related Posts Feature: If you want cross-category mapping, then you have to explicitly enable this feature. For this, Thrive applies the algorithm of related posts when YOU publish a new content piece. This means instead of running the mapping algorithm repeatedly for each visitor, it runs this algorithm only once when you publish a new post and saves this mapping. When visitors come, it simply queries the saved data. It is worthy to note that this feature has to be enabled explicitly or you can also contact thrive themes support.
Also, since it is not a plugin anymore, it seamlessly blends in with the design of your chosen theme.

For additional related posts in between the content of the post, you can configure the

Thrive Posts List. It helps you reduce your bounce rate even further.

Say goodbye to laughable conversion rates with Conversion-Focused Thrive Themes
Thrive Themes are more conversion-focused than any other WordPress Theme. They do this by implementing the tactic of “targeted marketing”.

If a user is reading an article about list building, he/she would certainly be a lot more likely to click an “Email Marketing” ad rather than a “video marketing” ad. Using Thrive Themes, you can configure an ad widget to display the ad code only to users reading about “list building” and “email marketing” and not for anyone else.

But Thrive Themes don’t stop here – you can also select to display ads on individual pages, post types, post templates, and others.

Using Targeted Ad options, you can show highly relevant ads. The Focus Areas functionality lets you show them more frequently. Unlike widgets that work in the sidebar, Focus Areas let you push the ad unit/CTA button/opt-in form into customized places for higher visibility.

With these features, you can finally catapult your conversion rates to soaring new heights. Start your journey with precisely targeted and highly persistent ads today!

All these features for only $19 / month! You will not have to hire designers for minor tweaks or buying extra plugins! I don’t know about you – I think that’s pretty cheap compared to the benefits I am getting!

As we said, it is just not about having few themes. Thrive Themes Membership comes with a whole suite of WordPress Products to make your Website get more conversions. Here are the other WordPress Products you receive along with your one Thrive themes membership.

Thrive Leads

Imagine going through all the list building plugins in the market, perform trial and error, and install/uninstall each one until you get the perfect one?

And all this for ONE opt-in form which may not even convert? This doesn’t look like a particularly time-saving way of doing things – and it isn’t!

So, how exactly does Thrive Leads help you here?

With Thrive Leads, you have the most featured-packed list building plugin made by people who eat, breathe, and drink conversions!

They have blended conversion tactics from the most successful internet marketers and growth hackers in the business into a single, power-packed plugin.

Let’s show you how Thrive Leads gives you the highest bang-for-buck for your purchase.

1. Thrive Leads comes with a drag-and-drop opt-in form designer with some of the most eye-catching animations.
2. With hyper-targeted ads opt-in forms, you can choose to show opt-ins only for your most successful categories, or only on specific pages getting the highest traffic. You can even target only specific tags if they’re spread across multiple categories.
3. The A/B Testing Engine in Thrive Leads makes you sure you can test everything from colors, designs, triggers, form types, or even completely different offers. Don’t leave anything to imagination – test and get confirmed results for what works with YOUR website.
4. The A/B Testing Engine also selects a winner among all variations automatically. Once the winner is apparent, all other variations are stopped immediately. All this happens in the back – without any manual intervention whatsoever.
5. With Advanced Reporting, Thrive Leads enables you to look at exactly which opt-in forms or content pieces are generating the most leads. You also get to see conversion rate report to keep tabs on your conversions in case they are slowing down. You can also track your conversions coming from the social media channel, or email, or a third-party referral.

Thrive Architect

In simple terms, Thrive Architect is a visual, truly intuitive front-end editor optimized for conversions. Using these built-in Thrive Architect templates, you can build high-converting Sales landing pages, webinar funnel pages, or opt-in landing pages for your next campaign literally during your lunchtime with just a few clicks – AND without any coding! Rich content marketing tools like stylized lists, credit card and CTA buttons, Content Boxes, Lead Gen Forms, and a lot more – Thrive Architect provides all these tools and much for creating a beautiful, rich-looking professional front end that provides solid conversion boost alongside your content and offers. With Thrive Architect, you DON’T have to:

1. Switch to preview tabs to see how exactly your content will look like.
2. Use short codes inside pages to enable a feature or a widget of a theme.
3. Use overlay windows to customize how a widget looks or what text it show.
4. Most of the plugins you currently use in your WordPress theme, Thrive Architect converts them into in-built theme elements. Here are some of those plugins you can get rid of when you use Thrive Architect:

- Short Code based Layout plugin
- Font Management plugin
- Click-to-tweet plugin
- Table Builders
- Rich Animation plugin

Thrive Architect also comes with a guarantee that all your content remains AS IT IS even after you uninstall the plugin. Your content remains yours, even after you uninstall Thrive Architect. A single Thrive Themes Membership for only $19 / month provides all the awesome themes and plugins of Thrive, including Thrive Architect.

Thrive Clever Widgets

Clever Widgets brings the same power of relevance and targeting tactics of Thrive Leads plugin into your widget areas. As opposed to regular, site-wide widgets, Clever Widgets plugin allows you to create a widget area that is shown ONLY on:

1. a specific page or a post or
2. for all posts in a category
3. or all posts matching a specific tag

While Widgets are not as powerful as opt-in boxes created with Thrive Leads, the purpose is still the same – to make your website smarter by saving space and leveraging the power of relevance-based marketing. Ultimately, the principle behind Clever Widgets is the same as Thrive Leads – show only targeted information to the user to lower the conversion failure and increase relevance of the information when it is shown to the user.

Thrive Headline Optimizer

Are you in two minds about the headline of your next big piece? Are you wondering whether to use the original headline or whether a clickbait headline will get the users clicking?

Which version of the headline actually works can be predicted – but only when you know your audience as accurately as your life partner.

To create highly engaging headlines, you don’t have to rely on any advertising mumbo-jumbo or hire any headline artists. Using Thrive Headline Optimizer, you too can get rational and precise insights about what headline is actually working with YOUR VISITORS.

Over the time, you can observe a pattern and build system to create eye-grabbing headlines that your users can’t wait to click!

With Thrive’s superior Headline Optimizer plugin, you can measure:

1. Click-through rates
2. Time on Content
3. Scrolling

With Thrive Headline Optimizer, you get a split testing engine with the sophisticated reporting mechanism and together they enable you to gain more relevance in the attention-hungry world of social sharing. The domino effect of a good headline makes the post all the more interesting for visitors, and it all means only one thing – higher engagements!

Thrive Ultimatum

Nothing lures a customer into making a purchase than the fear of missing out. Tell your customers that if they don’t buy the product within a few hours, the product will be gone and they will drop everything and rush to buy your product. As a buyer, when you see “sale” sign in a store, you want to grab it before it ends. If you don’t grab it, you know that the prices will rise and you will be left with a feeling of loss.

Now imagine, doing the same on the website – with a ticking counter! There are a few things that Thrive Ultimatum can do for your scarcity marketing campaign that no one does. With Thrive Ultimatum, you can:

1. Create beautifully designed countdown campaigns in just a few clicks
2. Create repeating campaigns and synchronize them with your external sales funnel
3. Lock the users down by making sure they can’t trick the timer by refreshing the page or clearing the cookies.

As is the central focus point of all Thrive products, your countdowns can also be fully optimized for conversions. Thrive Ultimatum ensures maximum coverage of your offer across your site with the help of banner ads and floating widgets. You can also customize to show timers to show on specific pages/posts/categories/tags. All these are just regular features that help spike your conversion rates, but Thrive wouldn’t call itself the best in the business unless it had something extra up their sleeve. Just when you thought you got everything – Thrive Ultimatum adds a special evergreen up sell feature which sends a converted user through a series of pages for different products in your funnel – all pre-loaded with timers for applying the scarcity marketing technique. Thrive Ultimatum is available individually for a single license ($97), for a 5 license pack ($147), or for 15 license pack for multiple client sites ($399). But you can also get Thrive’s complete arsenal of conversion-focused, speed-optimized themes and plugins for just $19 / month, Kick your sales into high gear – get your copy of Thrives Themes Membership today!

Thrive Ovation

Testimonials add that much needed social proof because people prefer to do something together rather than doing it alone. When a doubtful prospective customers read the right testimonial which assures them that someone went through the same journey as theirs and came out better on the other side, it becomes a live demonstration of success. Testimonials are greatly ignored by over 60% of online marketers – even though they know they should have it and use it aggressively!

Thrive Ovation creates a system for your website where you can:

1. Collect testimonials from your customers by asking them a series of focused questions that make them share their details and overall experience.
2. Add your own testimonials you have gotten from other channels.
3. Collect testimonials coming in from social media by simply providing the link of the post/tweet to the plugin
4. Spread them across your site at strategic places to boost your conversions
5. Thrive Ovation takes care of all your testimonial needs – from gathering to managing and placements are strategic positions on your site. Whether you are a big business with already a huge bunch of testimonials to use, or you are just starting your online business, Thrive Ovation is the ultimate, all-in-one testimonial management plugin.

If you have high achieving people in your client list who are already big celebrities in their area of expertise, they are probably are more aware of their brand name. If you want to get their approval before posting them on your site, Thrive Ovation does it in the background for you – by sending an email for asking the customer’s approval before using them for marketing your products. Get your copy of Thrive Ovation (individually or as a part of Thrive Membership) today and start leveraging the power of social proof!

Thrive Quiz Builder

Quizzes are one of the most powerful ways to ramp up engagement on your website and reduce bounce rates. You can not only use them as an engagement tool but also as a customer research and information gathering tool. With Thrive Quiz Builder, you can design your own quizzes – ones that look beautiful and don’t need any knowledge of Photoshop and CSS to create!

Create text questions or make it visual with the help of images. And as you create – Thrive Quiz Builder shows you a preview of how your quiz will actually look like when it is published. And, of course, what’s the point of taking a quiz when you don’t have anything to show for? Thrive Quiz Builder includes a built-in badge creator, that lets you drag-and-drop items to create social sharing badges that your users would love to share! Even here, the Photoshop experts will be wasting their time, as this plugin automatically resizes the badge for each social platform. The real power of quizzes lies not just in increased engagement, but it is actually a very smart data collection tool as well. You can use quizzes as a way to gather data and insights into your customer’s psyche with the help of option insights gathered by Thrive Quiz Builder. If your customers select a particular option more than others, it clearly signals their interests. Thrive Quiz Builder lets you exploit that and share relevant content thereby further extending the engagement benefit of quizzing to generate more targeted traffic. You might have a blog about two or three different broad topics but not every visitor may be interested in all topics. A vegetarian user won’t be interested in receiving the email with non-veg recipes. The cherry-on-the-cake here with Thrive Quiz Builder is the ability to segment your email lists based on your user’s interests so that you can run highly targeted email campaigns. As an extension, Thrive Quiz Builder is actually helping you increase your email conversion rates as well. Are you thinking “there’s no way this will help in optimizing my conversions?” – think again! This plugin also has integrated A/B Tests for:

1. Splash (quiz landing) page
2. Content and layout of the results page
3. Content and layout of the opt-in form

Do you wish to reduce your bounce rates and increase conversions at the same time? You can do that with Thrive Quiz Builder plugin for WordPress. Like all of Thrive’s fabulous plugins, Thrive Quiz Builder is available as a single license, as a 5-license pack, and even as a 15-license pack which you can use for all your clients’ websites. But the whole of Thrive Themes Membership offers a lot more value at quite the stunning price. The full Thrive Themes Membership includes a suite of themes and plugins geared to optimize conversions and it is just for $19 / month with annual or quarterly purchase options.

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