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Have you always wanted to have your own Solar panels that would power your home during a blackout but don’t have the $10k+ it takes to have them installed? Would you believe me if I told you I found a program that will teach you how to set up your own solar power for as little as $200? It’s called the Backyard Revolution System, and it was developed by an idea that came from experts at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

The Backyard Revolution System will teach you how to turn your backyard into something more useful without depending on electricity from a power company. When you turn to this program, you will receive a step-by-step guide on everything you need to know to get started with your own solar panels …that’s right, you’ll learn how to do it all by yourself, without any help. Once you get into the program, you’re probably going to be surprised by how easy it is to get started.

Complete Installation Process

What’s really cool about Backyard revolution is that it contains the complete installation process, making it easy for people worldwide to get solar energy. Gone are the days when you needed to be an expert to build such a project for your home. Now, all you need is the Backyard Revolution System, and you’ll be armed with all the knowledge you need to get the job done (the right way).

To make it less complicated for users, Backyard revolution comes with instructions in PDF form and CD form, making it easier to install. I feel that the video guide is extremely helpful – with this, you will get a good idea about the system. Along with all of the above, you’ll also receive Stockpiling Secrets, reports regarding protection protocol, and Homestead Alternative Sources.

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Zero Maintenance Cost

No one in their right mind wants to continuously put money towards maintenance. With this system, you won’t have to worry about such a thing, because there’s zero maintenance cost. When a blackout happens in your neighborhood, repair techs will start to show up in your area after about ten minutes. Normally, they use what is referred to as cherry pickers to get to the top of those utility poles, and their trucks may get in your way. When you have the Backyard Revolution program by your side, you won’t have to worry about dealing with issues with the power grid.

The solar panels that you make from your home will require little to zero maintenance, and they can last for many years to come. Most found that if something happens and their panels need work, they can repair it themselves.

Great for All Types of Weather

Many out there are worried about using solar power for their home because they are under the impression that this will cause them to go without power on a cloudy or dark day. What’s good about the Backyard Revolution System is that it will work in all weather conditions once you have it set up. Yes, it’ll even work during cloudy conditions, so you don’t have to worry.

Let’s say you decide to use electricity from the panels one day and leave the panel off. When you have a rainstorm the next day that kicks the electricity out, that solar panel will kick in and send power to your home.

The panel absorbs cells and then converts them into power that it stores for when you need it. If the sun doesn’t shine on the panel for a couple of days in a row, only then will you have to worry about going without power.

No Experience Needed

Another feature that makes this system really cool is that you won’t need any experience to get your solar panels set up. If you look at reviews of some of the other guides similar to this, the customers often don’t like them because it’s obvious that the authors who wrote them didn’t think beginners would be using the product. They wrote the guides as if they were expecting their readers to understand all the complicated terms.

On the other hand, Zack Bennett obviously understands that people who read his guide may not have any experience whatsoever and that right there is why his guide is so easy to follow. In fact, you may even have most of the tools you need and will only need to pick up some materials at the local store.

Save on Your Electricity Bill

The average power bill for a residence in the United States can easily work its way up to $300 a month. During the winter months, running heaters and using the AC during the hot summer months can easily cause the electricity bills to skyrocket. A good feature of the Backyard Revolution Solar Panels is the fact that it can help you save money. In fact, most users claim they cut their power bills by at least 60%.

Easy to Install

Having a little building knowledge is all you need for installation. After watching the videos that come with the system, we could see a young kid installing it without any hassles. There are many people out there who have installed the panels in their homes and are very happy with the system.


Those national grid systems can’t be trusted. At any minute, they can go down. Something as little as a limb falling on the power line can leave you without power all day and night. If you really want your freedom, then the Backyard Revolution System is the route to take. With this system, you will have the opportunity to generate electricity without relying on a power company.

 Affordable for Most

The Backyard System is affordable for most people. Are you aware of how much it normally costs to set up conventional solar panels? Normally, it will be anywhere above $10k …most people don’t have this type of money sitting around to spare – this is why so many people skip past having solar panels installed in their home. However, with the Backyard Revolution, you’re not going to have to spend $10k on solar panels.

This project will teach you how to set up your own solar panel (with no help) for as little as $200. The price to have your own solar panel set up using the program shouldn’t run you any higher than $400.  Seriously, the Backyard Revolution will give you a cheap yet efficient alternative, and we know you’ll be happy with it.

What’s interesting about the Backyard system is that after you’ve built it and got it set-up, you can carry it around. That’s right; the set up is portable. In fact, it’s so portable that you could easily put it in the back of your truck or even your car trunk. Do you know what this means? This means that you can take it to the next place with you once you build it if you move.

Have Power While Camping

Since it’s portable, you can use the power source with you during camping and fishing trips. This way, you’re never going to be without power. Isn’t that cool?

Building it Doesn’t Take Long

I’d say a beginner can get this system and have everything set up in about four hours. The hardest thing to do would probably be clearing out an area to put the panels. I actually know a guy that used this system and set his up within 2 hours.

Environment Friendly

If you’re the type of person that loves doing your part in saving the environment, then this system is for you. Have you been paying attention to global warming? It’s a popular topic, so I’m sure you’re familiar with it. You must do your best to limit the number of emissions you release into the air. The solar set-up is friendly to the environment because it doesn’t emit anything into the atmosphere, unlike the normal generator.

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